Just Checking

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How the system works

Just Checking is completely automatic. There is nothing to wear, no buttons to press.  It takes only a few minutes to install.

Stand back and ‘see’ 

How we help families
Within a few days you’ll know if there is a natural routine to the day, and the chances are it will be better than you thought. For people who are becoming forgetful it is best to stand back and see the person in their own familiar environment, and understand what is habitual and meaningful to them. Then you can offer the right support at the right time.


Once you have the overall picture you can set up text or email alerts for circumstances where you might need to take a closer look.

  • Not up and about
  • Visitor late
  • Exit
  • Door left open

Used wisely, Just Checking will help you to support independence at home.  Remember though, Just Checking is not an emergency alarm system. Life threatening events should be managed with a telecare alarm system with a 24 hour monitoring centre. Telecare providers in your area.

Contact details:

Just Checking Ltd
The Mill
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Telephone: 01564 785100