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Hannah Bailey stayed at home for more than 2 years.

We could see that all arrangements were working well, that the home carer had been in each morning, that mum was picked up and dropped back from a Friday lunch club, and when she popped out and returned from the local shops, where she was well known.

My brother, who lives in New Zealand, also logged on each day.It meant we had more to say about Mum when we talked each week on the phone. And we were both able to see when she needed a higher level of care, so it wasn’t me having to make that difficult decision on my own.

Caroline Talbot, Daughter, Warwickshire.

Quite tremendous. We thought it would be a matter of weeks before mum would have to move to residential care. But we were able to support mum at home for over 9 months!

William still collects his daily paper

My father, William, nursed my mother at home to her end and he is determined to stay at home himself.

Just Checking means I can see when the home care visit has been made in the morning, and when my father has been out to the newsagent to collect his newspaper, which he still likes to do. He has always been an active man and he loves his daily walk to the shop.

He has a digestive problem which sometimes flairs up and I was able to spot when he needed medical attention after a very disturbed night when he spent a lot of time in the bathroom. This system has been a life calmer! Excellent. I tell everyone about it.

Liz Saunders, Daughter, Bristol.

Without Just Checking we would have gone down the route of residential care sooner. The system helped us know what was happening in dad’s home, and to support him at home for longer.

Still independent at 92 thanks to Just Checking

This system has taken 80% off the weight off my shoulders. Mum is not going out at night except when she goes next door to spend the evening with her neighbour. She’s going to bed and sleeping well. I work for myself and I usually pop over each day.

Now I can see what time suits mum, and I’m not dropping in at a time that makes her all flustered. At 92 she’s still managing fine.

James Hewell, Son, South Gloucestershire.

Natasha was able to keep dad at home

When Natasha’s father was diagnosed with dementia, supporting him at home was paramount. Listen to how Just Checking helped her do this.

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