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Learning Disabilities

Person-centred care

Transparency and peace of mind


Just Checking delivers professionally-tailored information about how individuals are coping at home, without the use of cameras or microphones.

If you are concerned about a family member, Just Checking will give you an insight on how best to provide support.

With Just Checking you can see when help is needed and when a person is managing independently.




We will continue to promote Just Checking to other people. It was a brilliant system and certainly gave us a lot of peace of mind.

Thank you so much for all the help your company has given us, the product was invaluable and managed to give us some piece of mind.


Fit in just 10 minutes

Anyone can do it


It only takes a few minutes to install Just Checking.

You don’t need professional help or DIY skills because all the sensors are wireless and simply stick up with Velcro.

Even the controller couldn’t be easier, all you need do is plug it into any free electrical socket.


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Peace of mind

From just £3 a day


For you and your loved one, Just Checking means you can keep a gentle eye on things without interfering. You’ll quickly see if there’s a natural routine to the day, and the chances are it will be better than you thought.

You’ll be able to see when help is needed, and when it’s not. You’ll know if your loved one has had a good night’s rest and if care visits have arrived as expected. You can see when they are in or out and whether there are visits to the kitchen at mealtimes.

You can set alerts for:

  • Not up and about
  • Visitor late
  • Exit
  • Door left open


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