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Bringing evidence and insight


Just Checking delivers tailored information about how individuals are coping at home, without the use of cameras or microphones.

Working in partnership with local authorities and care professionals, Just Checking assists in identifying the appropriate level of care in order to increase independence and allow individuals to stay in their own home for as long as possible.


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“The system demonstrated significant savings and facilitated improved quality of care.”

Learning Disabilities

Person-centred care

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The Just Checking system ensures that care packages are viable, acceptable and useful to service providers and commissioners of care for adults with learning disabilities.


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Older Adult

Assessment of Dementia

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It can be difficult to make an assessment of a person with dementia if they live alone. Just Checking provides an objective and unbiased picture of an individual’s natural behaviour.


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Daily living insight

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Specifically developed for reablement, the Daily Living system supports goal based assessments during reablement by providing unbiased evidence of an individual’s progress.


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“This is really about providing the right social care support for a customer when they need it and that led to us being nominated for a national award for innovation in social care which I am really proud of.”

Know for sure

Up-to-the-minute, 24/7


Just Checking supports care professionals with evidence and insight to bring transparency, peace of mind and efficiencies to person centred care planning.

Using small wireless sensors placed around the home, Just Checking provides an up-to-the-minute picture that can summarise how a person naturally behaves in their own home in the most unobtrusive way possible. This information allows care professionals to build an objective picture of a person’s daily living activity and confidently make recommendations about what care an individual should be receiving.

Research has shown that Just Checking provides information that can be used to design more appropriate packages of care or to confirm that packages of care are appropriate.

Specifically developed to aid care planning, Just Checking gives professionals more time to focus on what they do best – delivering the right care to individuals.



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Supporting independence

Just Checking helps:

  • Deliver more accurate assessments more efficiently
  • Ensure that care packages are right for the individual
  • Bring evidence and transparency to care planning
  • Bring peace of mind to care planners
  • Monitor wellbeing on an ongoing basis
  • Reduce hospital admissions
  • Save time and money
  • Reduce overcare
  • Give a ‘voice’ to individuals with learning disabilities or dementia
  • Individuals live more independently
  • Reassure families


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