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The Enhanced Service

Enhanced Service

Insight and support


The Enhanced Service gives professionals more time to focus on what they do best – provide the right care to individuals.

We understand that technology alone is not always enough. The Enhanced Service combines professional activity monitoring with a programme of chart reading and practitioner support to help you get the most from our technology, improving care outcomes and providing evidence of value for money.


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With more and more people in need of care and support, Just Checking’s Enhanced Service helped us make better use of our resources and get the most from the assistive technology available to us.


Technology enabled service

Integrating Just Checking into your care planning processes

When implemented and used effectively, technology can help care professionals deliver better support.

However, with the constant evolution of care legislation and increasing budget pressure, practitioners are often under time constraints which restrict their ability to explore new practices. This can lead to the true potential of technology being overlooked.

The Enhanced Service helps you to get the most from your systems by integrating Just Checking into your everyday care planning and ensuring the technology delivers measurable results.

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The initial benefits of investing in technology are always apparent.

But to continue demonstrating value 6 months, a year down the line, technology must overcome a number of barriers:



Any investment needs to be justified and offer on-going value that can be clearly evidenced.



Professionals don’t always have time to become a proficient user of technology and deliver support to individuals.




Knowledge amongst professionals needs to be maintained, ensuring new features are used and new staff are trained.



Where to use technology should be clear and simple. Outlining too many examples can cause confusion.


Legislation & ethics

It can sometimes be easier to stick with what you know rather than answering objections from family members or peers.

The Enhanced Service has been designed to overcome these barriers and help you get the most from the Just Checking technology.

In a nutshell

The Enhanced Service means:


      • We’ll provide comprehensive staff training on how to use the systems
      • Our system specialists will turn the information the systems provide into a written summary of daily activity
      • The practitioners can then use this information to make person centred care decisions

The following customer types are eligible for the Enhanced Service:


It doesn’t matter how good the technology is, or how much you paid for it, it’s all a waste if it’s never taken out the cupboard

In detail: what’s included in

the Enhanced Service?


Dedicated Project Manager

A dedicated project manager will be responsible for helping you evidence the on-going value of your systems. They’ll work with you to implement and progress a personalised plan that ensures the success of the service, as well as providing face-to-face guidance and support to help embed Just Checking into your care planning processes.


Personalised start-up and support

Our customer support team will guide you through the installation and set-up of your Just Checking system. They are on hand to offer advice, technical support and to ensure we understand what your priorities and objectives are for each assessment.


Activity chart summary

Our system specialists will analyse the activity charts for you, discussing any behavioural patterns and anomalies over the phone. This consultation will ensure you’re getting the most from your systems and help you determine if care packages are appropriate or could be adjusted to better meet the needs of the individual.


Activity chart summary report

For each assessment, you will be provided with a summary report, highlighting any patterns and anomalies discussed with our system specialists. This report provides you with objective evidence to support your care plan decisions and can be attached to client records.


Quarterly performance report

At the end of each quarter, your project manager will present a quarterly performance report to evidence overall care efficiency and demonstrate how Just Checking has enhanced your assessment outcomes.


In-house practitioner support

Our in-house occupational therapists are here to offer peer-to-peer support and clinical guidance for complex cases. Their vast experience working with local authorities and providers gives them a unique insight into the practical applications of the Just Checking system and can help answer questions from family members or peers.


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For more information about the Enhanced Service, or to find out whether you’re eligible, please contact your Partnership Development Manager or get in touch via customer support on 01564 785 100 or using the button below.


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