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Is this big brother?

There are sometimes concerns about monitoring people, particularly if they do not have the capacity to consent. Just Checking supports the principle of safeguarding against deprivation of liberty, brought in by the Mental Health Act 2007. People who lack the mental capacity to consent to care should be cared for in a way that does not limit their rights or freedom of action. For most people these means being able to stay in their own home for as long as possible if that is their wish, and to be supported in the least restrictive way.

Just Checking provides a clearer picture of a person’s capabilities in their own home so that they can be supported in a way which enables them to do as much as possible for themselves. You can download our Ethics sheet, which discusses this in more detail.

Permission to install Just Checking in a person’s home should be sought, and you may need to judge if a person has mental capacity for the decision.  A simplified explanation may help the person to understand. This downloadable leaflet may be useful “Staying put in your own home

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