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What is in the Just Checking Professional kit?

  • 5 movement sensors
  • 2 door sensors
  • Controller, which plugs into a mains power socket and receives data from sensors This data is uploaded to the web-server via an integral mobile phone unit.
  • Velcro pads
  • Robust carry case
  • Installation instructions and video

What is covered in the subscription?

  • Access to the data and management system
  • Mobile data charges (the controller uploads its data every 5 mins)
  • Unlimited number of log-ins, controlled by you
  • Log-on as often as required 
  • Replacement batteries for sensors (automatic reminder, and battery despatch)
  • Replacement Velcro
  • Helpline for staff

Are sensors unique to the kit they are in?

Can I add sensors?

Can I get replacement sensors?

Who installs the system?

Can I change the names on sensors?

Does the system raise any alerts?

Does the system use batteries and what is the battery life?

What happens if there is a power cut?

What if I forget my login and password?

Who is using the system?


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