Just Checking

From: £90 / month and a £300 deposit

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Your Just Checking system already comes complete with a controller and sensors that cover the:

  • Bedroom
  • Bathroom
  • Lounge
  • Kitchen
  • Hallway
  • Front door
  • Back door

Plus all of the easy-fit Velcro fixings that you need.

Tailor your care system

Do you need more sensors?

Do you have enough sensors for all the rooms you want to cover?

Just Checking is flexible enough to accommodate up to 2 additional movement sensors and 1 extra door sensor. Simply use the drop box here to select the additional sensors you need.

Additional Information

Additional sensors

None, 1 movement sensor, 1 door sensor, 1 movement sensor, 1 door sensor, 2 movement sensors, 2 movement sensors, 1 door sensor